June 28, 2007

Fun Experience

It is always amazing to watch a person growing up don't you think? Well, it is for me, and for this last couple of years, watching my baby girl growing up is one of the most fun experience I've ever have.

Even though it's been an amazing couple of years, these last few months is probably the most amazing and fun of all. I mean, watching my baby learned to speak her mind, its sooo cute and also pretty entertaining.
I mean, the first time she said "Ndak mau"....she said it all the time...in any occasion :-)....

It's a challenge for both my husband and I, trying to have a conversation with someone who is not yet 2 years old, because there's so many words that come out of her mouth is hardly understandable :-). But struggling as it is, I say it again, it's also a FUN thing to do.

Like the other day, for no obvious reason, she called me "undamu" other than munda [yeah I know, it also doesn't make sense...what's "MUNDA"?..but it's the closest thing to bunda right?] And just like "ndak mau", she said it all the time, whenever she wants me to do something or just for her fun, she always calls me undamu.. :-).

Last night another entertaining experience I have with Kay and my hubby, when he asked her to ask our maid for papaya coz he wants to eat some. Struggling with the words, Kay said to my maid, "Niia..aya...Dada [the translation would be -Nia, pepaya untuk Dada- or -Nia, could you get some papaya for Dada?]. But because of the way she talks, it's hard for the maids to understand so they asked, "emang Dada knapa Kay?" and she answered, "Dada..atit...paya...batuk" [hahahaha...I know..Iknow...it doesn't make sense right?....but can't blame my hubby for trying].

After waiting for the papaya that obviously will never come, my hubby called my baby again...and asked "Kay...bilang mbak Nia, mana..pepayanya kok ga jadi di potong?". And again, my baby - being the good messenger that she is - asked the maid the question that her dada asked her. "Nia, aya ana? aya otong Dada" [If I didn't tell you the story first...I bet it would be very hard for you to understand that....almost impossible right?....]

Hearing that question, the maids goes..."Ooh...Dada minta di potongin pepaya ya nak?"

Even though it takes a little longer, but she completed the task quite well don't you think?.

Another funny story last night is when my hubby sing along the song from the commercial on TV, the one with GIGI in it. The theme song is one of Gigi's songs..."Panas, panas, panas...badan ini....pusing....pusing....pusing....kepala ini"

And do you know what my baby does?.....She also sing along...but when it gets to the part "pusing...pusing"...she sang....'pusing paya...pusing paya...pusing paya' while doing some head banging...[I know it'snot soo hilarious when you read it here, but it was soooooooooo funny when you saw it in person]

Experiences like that are the things that I looooooove from watching my baby growing up, because it would never happened twice...

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