August 07, 2007

Celebrity look-alikes

I was just doing some blogwalking and find an interesting post, and I tried it on myself. It's a site for look the most look-alike celebrity with yourself. Just a fun thing to do with my free time :)

For the first trial, here what they say who is the celebrity that looks like me :

so what do you think?...As for me, I don't think i look like Ami Suzuki at all, maybe a little more like nora danish [I don't think that she is Nora Danish, whoever she is, I think she is more like Siti Nurhaliza, right?], hehehe..i prefer Siti coz i am such a fan of her :). A little subjectivity is allowed don't you think?

Because I am not convinced that I look like that Ami Suzuki, so i went for a second trial, here the result :

Hahaha..So I look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Tata Young now huh? Well at least they are more known than that Ami Suzuki [whose name is using a well known car producer]. ;

But since I still not satisfied with the result, so I went for another trial, and here's the last result :

well...I am still not satisfied with the result, but then again, I's only look-alikes...not exactly like... so...I AM just ME...and no one else...and I am proud of it. )

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